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Roy Medical Assistance has been providing bespoke niche solutions around the India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maldives, UAE, Turkey, Myanmar, Srilanka and Philippines for Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, motor Insurance and Home Insurance firms since a years. Our Well trained call center staff (medical experts, medical advisers and other professionals) twenty –four hours provide insured clients with medical, technical and information support all over the world."
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"The Roy Medical Assistance and its strong team believes in delivering the best of the best via its Global Alarm center based in New Delhi, India along with a large network of partners at a Global scale. The RMA New Delhi Alarm Center employs a staff of 80 multilingual assistance, claims handling and medical specialists including doctors. We render timely and efficient aid to the injured persons, guarantee the attentive approach towards every request and competent audit through all the services provided and all the invoice issued."
Sumit Gaurav - Director / Founder of RMA

"Independently, founded and owned by Sumit Gaurav with Years of work experience in healthcare and medical Assistance. He is is actively involved and dedicated to delivering Quality and Affordable Healthcare to people around the world in best possible way. He is working in association with all leading Hospitals in Asia and provides finest healthcare facilities. RMA has an impressive list of clients from all walks of life that put their trust in us to get the job done.

He is having extensive experience in international medicine, Medical Claims and Case handling, Aviation Medical Care, Emergency Evacuations and much more in healthcare sector.

He is constantly seek innovative ideas and solutions to stay at the vanguard of the Medical assistance industry. With his ability he create a highly qualified team of global health security specialists.

Now with his core values of professionalism and service excellence in medical assistance, he is forge ahead in the medical industry.

Key Facts & Figures
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Our 24/7 Alarm Center
We are operating 24 hours a day – 365 days a year
CALL 24X7: +91 98 7187 7260
EMAIL: assistance@roymedicalassistance.net

We have years of experience in emergency requirements and with a wide network of service providers all over the Asia we can assure you a high level of efficiency and instant response. All medical history and current situation are being closely monitored from our head quarter which is in close cooperation with our service providers in Asia.

Our team consist of multilingual coordinators, nurses and doctors who are experienced and able to handle an emergency situation. As a local based company we hold strong connections in Asia and have the necessarily linguistic and cultural understanding.


Be permanently recognized in health sector, cost management and administrative processes leads us to continue improving daily. We will continue to develop on our promise to remain as the trusted and respected treaty


Our international expansion never ends. We are always looking to grow and continue to improve our network, our medical partners, our contacts will become stronger.

Our Values

Being a reliable, desired and transparent organization, we always function upon new opportunities and inspire others to seek innovative and sustainable solutions to assist clients in every step of the way. Our decisions and actions are made to exceed the needs and expectations of the customers.

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