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Effortles access to Global Medical Providers

You are able to use any medical provider/facility of your choice. RMA does however strongly recommend the following services provided by the RMA providers Network.

Our international network of providers is not territorially restricted, making us a leader in our field, with the largest global network on hand to support our clients. Our reliable network of suppliers, which includes doctors, specialists, medical centers, hospitals, air ambulances, road ambulances, dentists and funeral services, ensures the highest quality assistance for our travelers. We pay the invoices due directly to our suppliers, without financially involving our travelers.

A key strength of the services offered by Roy Medical Assistance are the global networks of providers that deliver help and support to our client's employees and customers. These networks include thousands of people who are equipped with powerful sources of information and trained in dealing with both everyday and unusual situations.

Roy Medical Assistance Medical network is made up of high quality service providers equipped with the skills and information to respond to customers' needs around the local whether it is for a medical referral, a second medical opinion or help in managing cases or claims.

All Global Medical Providers are just a click away!
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